Helio is at the center of the captive insurance revolution.

Helio lights the way to financial freedom for your business by partnering with you to turn your insurance expenses into economic assets through the power of captive insurance. With Helio you can mitigate risk, retain command over premium costs and claims, ensure stability, and create opportunities for your business’s financial growth through investment.

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Common Questions
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What is Captive Insurance?

Simply put, captive insurance is bespoke insurance for your business that you own. In the commercial marketplace, mutual insurance companies accumulate and retain surplus from policyholders. A captive insurance structure allows businesses to fully control their policies and keep and invest their unused premiums at the end of the year. Expenses perform as long term assets.

You know your business. Helio knows insurance. Together we build a self-insurance structure that turns your insurance expenses into a manageable asset for you and your company. We offer best practices in safety and risk management, expertise in financing through insurance and reinsurance programs, and solid operational processes for investing reserves and surplus to most efficiently reap the benefits of self insurance.

Common Questions
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What are the benefits of Captive Insurance?

Captive insurance allows for broader coverage tailored to fit your needs, operating within sound underwriting, actuarial, and regulatory guidelines.

Captive insurance provides stability in pricing and availability of coverage. The more capital you accumulate, the greater your ability to retain risk and insulate your business from changes in the commercial insurance market.

Underwriting profits and gains from invested premiums are retained by the captive, with typically substantial dollar amounts due to high levels of capital and surplus. Captive insurance improves cash flow by reducing expense factors associated with commercial insurance.

Captive owners have more control over insurance-related services by tailoring safety & loss control services to each participant's needs and unbundling and claims handling services.

Common Questions

What services does Helio provide?

Helio provides expertise in the four integral areas of captive management: insurance, legal, accounting, and investments. We assist businesses from start to finish with the setup and management of their captive insurance company. We begin with a feasibility study, consult on underwriting opportunities and risk mitigation options with our subject matter partners, manage the legal services provided to the captive and review any legal risks, and utilize an accounting branch that manages internal, managerial, tax and state financial compliance.

Helio Captive Management is your conduit to financial freedom and control. We’re a relational, trustworthy fiduciary which allows you to mitigate risk, retain control over insurance premium costs and claims, and create opportunities for financial growth through investment.

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